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Xilent - Boss Wave

Xilent - Boss Wave
This song has a strength about it and nice video. Chill out. By UKF music.

Balkan Beat Box - Hermetico

Balkan Beat Box -Hermetico .
Quite a different song but very nice indeed.

Alex Mica - Dalinda

This guy has a GIFTED voice.The song is romantic,danceable and instant party hit.The music is good unlike most other romanian music where the vocals are subsided to conceal the singer's incapabilities.Cheers to Alex Mica!!!

Pryda - Leja (Eric Prydz)

Pryda - Leja (Eric Prydz):This song by Eric Prydz like most of his songs is refreshing and mood enhancing.I mean it is a very good danceable track and you'll feel that this music has some level of romantic touch to it.Great for couples to shake it together to "LEJA".

Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Try To Be Love

this song means for me: 1) Euphoria 2) I'm in Love 3) I'm on a High 4) This is great music 5) Ecstatic people will forget jlo ,pitbull,justin bieber and similar flickers but"Flames of this love song will remain in our heart till Humanity lasts TRUST ME and music by Armin Van Buuren is divine and her voice is THE BEST is the all time favourite love song of my life............ cheers to "LOVE" !!!!


Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix)

lana del rey has given her unique voice in cinematic style.and gesaffelstein's beats make it sound so good.


Just pure ecstatic music by two of the greatest DJs from Paris {Gesaffelstein and Brodinski}.Awesome!

Gesaffelstein - Viol

Feels like I'm wandering around a 1984 mosque future and slinking my way through the night while I'm being chased by the hounds of doooom!